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Narida Auto Parts, Corp. is located in San Mateo Rizal, approximately forty five minutes drive by car from Manila (the capital city of the Philippines). Duly registered in 1996 as a local corporation, it covers an area of 7,000 square meters of land. Its factory has an area of 3,000 square meters.

NARIDA mainly engages in the rebuilding of alternators, starters and distributors which are responsibly checked and tested and are safe to fit in vehicle repair.

It is now the largest rebuilder of auto parts in the Philippines based on the local market sales.

NARIDA auto parts are exported to the US, UK, Dubai, Brazil, Costa Rica, South Arica, Spain and some Asian countries.


Smile is their best quality even under pressure.

Narida's English-speaking Filipino workers are trained on a continuing basis and adequate frequency as an assurance employees remain familiar with the requirements relevant to their duties. Training is in accordance with written program.

Consequential performance of employees after training are praised and further training needs is determined.

N A R I D A   A U T O   P A R T S   A R E   S P E C I F I C A L L Y
S E L E C T E D   A N D   R E M A T C H E D
Narida AutoParts, Corporation

New Additions

» Volkswagen Beetle Str
12V 1.0kW 11T

» Honda CRV 2.0 R20A Alt
OEM: 31100-RZP-G01 (120A)

» Mit. Montero 6G72/6G74 Alt
OEM: A3TA1191, MD317119 (100A)
          A3TA0791, MD313395 (85A)

» Toy. 1KD/2KD/1KZ ND-Type Alt
OEM: 27060-0L020 (80A)

» Toy. 2GR-FE Alt
OEM: 27060-31090 (120A)
          27060-31100 (150A)

» Toy. 2Z / 4Y (50A I/F) Alt
OEM: 101211-3730

» Honda CRV 2.0 B20Z1 M/T Str
OEM: 31200-P3F-J01 (1.0kW 9T)

» Honda CRV K20A / K24A Str
OEM: 428000-0280 (1.0kW 9T)

» Honda Accord F20B / F23A Dst
OEM: D4T96-07, D4T97-03





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