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NARIDA mainly engages in the rebuilding of alternators, starters and distributors. Specializing in Korean and Japanese car systems, all products are responsibly checked and tested and are safe to fit in vehicle repair.

NARIDA posses an adequate number of personnel at all levels having the skills, capabilities and knowledge relevant to their assigned functions. Every employee is trained in his particular duty and operation to fully perform in accordance to the principles of international standards.

At Narida, we do...motoring with a common sense
Narida AutoParts, Corporation

New Additions

» Volkswagen Beetle Str
12V 1.0kW 11T

» Honda CRV 2.0 R20A Alt
OEM: 31100-RZP-G01 (120A)

» Mit. Montero 6G72/6G74 Alt
OEM: A3TA1191, MD317119 (100A)
          A3TA0791, MD313395 (85A)

» Toy. 1KD/2KD/1KZ ND-Type Alt
OEM: 27060-0L020 (80A)

» Toy. 2GR-FE Alt
OEM: 27060-31090 (120A)
          27060-31100 (150A)

» Toy. 2Z / 4Y (50A I/F) Alt
OEM: 101211-3730

» Honda CRV 2.0 B20Z1 M/T Str
OEM: 31200-P3F-J01 (1.0kW 9T)

» Honda CRV K20A / K24A Str
OEM: 428000-0280 (1.0kW 9T)

» Honda Accord F20B / F23A Dst
OEM: D4T96-07, D4T97-03






NARIDA auto parts are exported to the US, UK, Dubai, Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama, South Africa, Spain and some Asian countries. Bulk inquiries and orders coming from other countries are highly welcomed.

Interested parties may send their inquiry, preferably with the parts OEM number, detailed specifications and required quantity to our email at


For bulk or small quantity local orders, please send us your Name, Email Addess, Location, and the OEM# or Vehicle Application of the part/s that you require, through our Contact Us page. We will do our best to get back to you right away.

Quality Guaranteed

Alternator Coils DV ALT-98 Alternator Tester Starter Production DV ST-16 Starter Tester
NARIDA's re-conditioned auto parts are carefully manufactured by a highly trained and skilled team of experts. Raw materials are cautiously selected, and are acquired from only the best sources.

All products are thorougly inspected and are passed through the automatic testing system machines from DV Electronics, Canada. This is to test the product not only to a present limit but has a complete diagnostic built-in system to ensure its overall functionality and quality.

Narida AutoParts, Corporation
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